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 Al Jaber & Partners has established 5 Labor Camps in Ras Lafan, Al Khor, Lusail, Al Wakir, Al Wajbi & Messaied capable of offering accommodation for more than 6,000 employees and a Precast Yard of 10,000 sqm and a Main Workshop of 25,000 sqm in the Industrial Area of Doha (Street Nr. 51, Gate 33).

Facilities provided at Labor camps:
Beds, Kitchen (3 meals), Laundry service, Entertainment room (TV, ping pong, Billiard, cards), sports fields, swimming pool, gym, barber shop, Phones, library, praying area, Internet cafe.

Contented workers are more satisfied workers, absenteeism is reduced and productivity is enhanced. This labour camp addresses a number of the mechanisms that operate in a healthy interpersonal work environment.

The company’s head office in Doha is 1,400sqm located in Al Muntazah Area, C-Ring Road.

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